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The Problem Statement and Research Questions

Problem Statement:
As the only Emotional/Behavioral Disorder (E/BD) Teacher in our school, it is my job to teach students the skills they need to be successful at school, home and in the community. My program is the last option in the public school setting for these students. If they are not successful with the supports from the E/BD program, they will go to an alternative school through the process of involvement with the juvenile officials. After which many wind up dropping out of school before graduation. I would like to seek the opinions of our school's educators on the effects of a more relaxed classroom setting for these students who seem to arrive at school armed with hatred, low self-esteem, confusion, and frustration. This transformation, in the educational setting, needs to send a message of warmth and safety while upholding a sense of urgency for education.

Research Question:
Based on the opinions of teachers who work at North Middle School, what effects would a more relaxing classroom environment have on E/BD students when considering both academic and behavioral performance?

1) Some teachers believe that a more relaxing environment for E/BD students will increase school attendance, which will allow the opportunity for students to learn more social skills and have a positive impact on their academic performance.
2) A few teachers believe that this environmental change would have no effect on the student’s overall school performance.
3) Many teachers believe that a calming environment will reduce the duration of student aggression as they are removed from the general classes and sent to a more relaxed environment to “cool down”.

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Problem Statement:
Our school systems are facing many reforms and trying to choose programs that will enhance student test scores. There are many different reading programs available for schools to choose from, and some schools even decide to make their own programs. Some programs are open to creativity and teacher input while other programs are very structured and meant to be followed strictly. Teachers are not always happy with the programs that their schools choose and may not “buy-in” to the program. I propose to study teachers’ attitudes towards their reading program (primarily SFA) and see how these attitudes change as teachers gain more experience.

Research Question:
How does the level of structure (or perceived level of structure) in a reading program affect Elementary teachers’ attitude and instruction in reading; how does this correlate with the amount of teaching experience they have had?

1) Highly structured programs allow for less creativity from the teacher.
2) Highly structured programs lead to teachers becoming “technicians or managers of instructional materials rather than active decision makers” (Cloud-Silva & Sadoski, 2001, p. 5).
3) A highly structured reading program may be less applicable to diverse students’ worldviews or understanding, affecting teacher attitudes.
4) Beginning teachers will have better attitudes about a structured reading program make it simple.
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Problem Statement
As a cross categorical special education resource teacher at an elementary school servicing students with varying degrees of disabilities, I have found it frustrating to see that Individualized Education Plans are not being followed in the general education classroom for some students with disabilities. I have personally gone into several general education classrooms to find special education students playing with puzzles or some other non-academic activity in a corner of the room rather than participating in classroom activities they are capable of. The principal has expressed concern over students with disabilities not performing on standardized district assessments and I believe that some of the problem could be that special education students are not always held accountable for learning in the general education classrooms because they attend resource classes in addition to their regular classes. I wonder what kinds of additional support I can offer to the general education teachers to help ensure the students receive an appropriate education.Plumber Fairfax VA fairfax bankruptcy attorney

What are the difficulties or frustrations that general education teachers encounter when implementing Individual Education Plans (IEP) for students with disabilities?

• Some teachers will say they would like additional pull out services.
• Some teachers will be happy with the current level of support.
• Some teachers will want help modifying the curriculum to growing your business.
• Some teachers will want more behavioral support for the students in the general education classroom.
• Some teachers may want assistance communicating with parents.

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Action Research Methodoly
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The How: Data Collection with Surveys
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  2. An online survey tool can be used for the survey. For example, Polldaddy is a great tool. The advantage is that the data is collected and analyzed by the online software. The disadantages are that you will need to learn the tool for hostgator coupon and insure that your audience will take it online. FYI - I had my 3rd through 5th grade students use the tool. This was used to create the make extra money fast Kindle book.

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The How: Data Collection with Interviews

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